August 26 & 27
10-5 & 11-4

Annual Summer Fair

  • 48 different artisans
  • Discover and Help Create the New Earth Garden Weaving in Heavenly Scent’s Garden!
  • Delectable lunches by Savory Thymes Café will be available for purchase
  • Master Gardeners on hand to answer questions
  • Gigantic plant sale – all plants must find a good home!

  • Savory Thymes Cafe Menu:
  • Chicken Pesto Quessadilla
  • Grilled Sirloin Burger
  • Michigan Salad
  • SIDES:
  • Melange of Fruit, Grilled Vegetables, Apple Slaw, and Peach Soup
  • Chips & Cookies
  • Tea, Pop, Water, Coffee

  • Earth Loom - Harvest Weaving
  • We are excited about the addition of a Life Garden Earth Loom to our outdoor space this year! Our six by five foot structure will be an interactive piece of art which you, our visitors, will help to create! The vertical threads will be all the same, representing our common values. The horizontal “threads” will be pieces woven into the loom from our visitors, representing how our individual visions and differences connect us all together to form our communities. We will provide various garden materials which birds might find appealing. We encourage you to bring items that you would like to add such as cranberries, popcorn, leather strips, straw, grasses, corn silks, cattail leaves, and other garden materials. We also welcome the addition of other materials which represent you or which you feel may add value to this community project. Earth Loom projects throughout the country have featured textiles, flowers, and even prayers for loved ones woven into the loom, creating a beautiful and unique piece of art.
  • We are all connected as we weave over, under, around and through each other. We are separate individuals yet, our lives are woven together. By working together with our hands, we can create a new picture of how we relate to each other and our planet.
  • In addition, studies of handwork show that weaving on an Earth Loom for a heartfelt goal activates neural connections between the hand and brain which strengthens motor ability and observation skills to activate interest in the world. This helps to bring communities together.